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Fitness Friday

It’s Fitness Friday again! To link your story up, head over to Going Crazy, Wanna Go? and take a look at her Fatty Friday post.


March is here, and with that comes the 21 Day Mommy Blogger Challenge! I’m participating with Elizabeth from My This N That Life. This program works on a point system, which I have never used before. I’m excited to give it a shot, but more than that, I’m excited about getting in shape and getting my life back. I’m tired of being a blob.

I also joined this amazing Facebook accountability group called Leap Into Summer which was started by this awesome lady named Debra. She reasoned that there are 90 days between leap day this year and memorial day, so we are supposed to challenge ourselves to start summer off on a healthy note. This group is great because I’m  actually held accountable for things like sitting around and binging all day, cheered on when I’m discouraged, and praised when I actually manage to do a 50 second wall sit (have you tried those? My husband literally couldn’t do a 10 second one earlier). I actually got very brave and posted my measurements (including weight) up there. Now that I know an entire group of 134 people are watching me succeed or fail, I’m going to get to it.


I’m actually pretty proud of myself this week. We ate from home virtually every meal except Tuesday night when I had a meeting and two days ago when I decided that I wanted some french fries as a snack (fries was all I ordered though). I paid for it later with some fairly intense gastrointestinal distress that actually managed to keep me up one night. That’s great negative reinforcement at least.

Thursday night we made turkey burgers and topped it off with a green (or in our case, pinkish) smoothie for dessert. My husband was incredibly skeptical about this smoothie. He said that he shouldn’t have an issue with it because he eats salads all the time, so there wasn’t anything different about this really. He found it weird that it was in a smoothie form though, and was really hesitant to try it with me.

The anatomy of a green smoothie

I originally got the recipe from Pinterest. The recipe is:

1 banana

4 or 5 strawberries

1/2 cup blueberries

1 small peach

1 heaping cup of spinach

1 tbs. Greek yogurt

2 tsp. honey

1/2 cup crushed ice

splash of vanilla soy milk

We modified this recipe slightly from the original Pinterest pin by adjusting the amount of the ingredients and leaving out the soy milk and honey. We used:

1 banana

6 strawberries because those are our favorite

1/2 cup of blueberries

1/2 of a large peach that had been peeled and chopped

2 tbs. Greek yogurt because we really like it

1 large handful of spinach leaves

1 cup crushed ice

This was the result:

Green smoothie. It's really more pink than green.

The entire contents of the blender fit into this glass, so if you make it like I did be sure to double the recipe. It looked really weird, but it tasted amazing! I really liked it. It tasted better to me than the ones we used to make with juice. I couldn’t taste the spinach at all.

My husband said he didn’t hate it, but his issue was that there was an obvious banana flavor. He doesn’t like banana, but agreed to let me put it in the smoothie because I don’t like peaches or blueberries and I let him put those in it.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that it was better than a big ol’ slice of chocolate cake or fresh baked cookies or anything, but in terms of smoothies, it is my favorite. I think the honey was probably used to make it sweeter, but to me, it really didn’t need it. My husband said that next time he wants to add some pineapple and possibly try a variation with some watermelon later.

If you decide to give it a try or have other green smoothie recipes, please let me know!

Goals for Next Week

I’m starting the 90 day Leap Into Summer challenge and the 21 Day Mommy Blogger challenge, so my goal is to work out at least 4 days next week and stay on track with the point system. I would like to try to find a source for grass fed beef and raw milk, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to.

I’m excited about losing some inches. I’m in need of new clothes, and it would be great if I could go shopping for clothes one or two sizes smaller.