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Helllooooo out there!

You may have noticed a short absence. This is because I have been trying desperately to get everything up and running properly. There will be a new post soon about Posh Pads (this week sometime for sure). Thanks for hanging in there :o)

Weekend Blog Hop!

Since WordPress won’t let me upload a Javascript (I don’t like it, but I understand why) anything, here is a link to a wonderful blog. She’s hosting a weekend blog hop, so I encourage you to go find new blogs!

Have a good weekend everyone!

My Goals for 2012

I didn’t make one large, overall resolution this year. I find that making one huge resolution, and resolving to do whatever it is (give up fast food completely, not drink ANY soda, lose 100 pounds, etc.) sets me up for a colossal failure that makes me feel like crap for not being able to follow through.

So this year, I’m going to set a few smaller, specific goals to complete throughout the year. They are:

1. I would like to finish this huge scrapbooking project I started but didn’t finish. See, a few months ago (ok, lots of months ago) I was going to add pictures to my photo albums and set out to find the photo album pages. You know, those magnetic ones that have the sticky pages that you attach the photos to and put that clear layer of plastic over it? Yeah, they don’t make those anymore. I looked everywhere. I ended up at Hobby Lobby and realized the best thing for me to do would be to just get with the times and make an actual scrapbook. So, I purchased a scrapbook, some of those scrapbook papers, photo corners (so that I wouldn’t have to glue anything to paper), and extra scrapbook pages and set to work. It is sitting in my living room, and I haven’t finished it. My goal is to get this project completely finished and out of the living room.

2. Back in December, I agreed to be the online chair for a local Relay for Life group. My goal is to do that job well, get everything done on-time and correctly, and help the committee put on a fabulous event in April.

3. I have a cousin, a brother-in-law, and a step-sister-in-law all graduating from high school in a few months and all three of them are going off to college. I was asked to write a guide to college life for my cousin, and I wanted to make copies for my brother and step-sister as well. My goal is to get their guide to college life finished BEFORE they graduate. Speaking of, if any of you guys have hints, tips, or advice that you would have liked somebody to have given you before you started college, please feel free to share! You can comment, Facebook, or email.

4. My mother-in-law gave me the most beautiful Singer sewing machine from 1948 a few weeks ago. I would LOVE to take it apart, clean and restore it, and then use it to actually make something. My goal is to get this project completed and this machine restored.

5. My dad died suddenly back in January of 2010, without leaving a will of any sort. It has been two years of heartache, drama, probate courts, and trying to account for all of his things and get an estate settled. My goal is to finally finish up his estate (which seems to just get more complicated by the day), and hopefully do an ash-spreading thing for his birthday this August.

6. Of course, I need to lose weight. I am not going to set a goal of how much, but being a healthier person is a goal of mine. 

7. I would love, love, love to take this blog to new heights! I would love to do some super awesome reviews, bring back my workout Wednesday section, post some hints and tips on green cleaning, and do all kinds of other things. My goal is to get to a certain amount of Facebook and blog followers.

8. Lastly, I need to forgive. I need to try hard to not hold grudges and let things go… nobody is perfect all the time, and this last year has made me realize that if I don’t learn to forgive people, I’m going to be angry and negative all the time. My goal is to remember that people aren’t perfect, I’m not perfect, and it’s ok to forgive others as well as forgive myself.

Of course, we’re going to continue to TTC, but I don’t want to make a baby a goal because I know that will just layer the pressure on. It’ll happen when it happens. What are your goals for 2012?

Our Christmas Tree and the Things It’s Probably Bringing Into Our House

When I was little, my mom displayed artificial Christmas trees every Christmas season. Now as an adult, my husband and I both prefer living trees so I made the switch and set up my very first living tree two years ago.

This year when we went about selecting a Christmas tree, it was important to me to support local growers and buy direct from a farm. Most of the trees are imported from places like North Carolina and Oregon, but Texas has its own Christmas tree industry so I decided to take a look. In the past, we would go to Lowe’s or other big box stores and purchase a tree. I did more research this year (because I’m trying to change old habits) and learned that the The Texas Christmas Tree Growers page had a lot of information about local farms, so we could support a family instead of a big chain store.

Another thing I learned about Christmas trees is that they can be loaded with up to as many as 25 different chemical pesticides and herbicides at different periods throughout their life. I phoned one farm in an attempt to find an organic (i.e. trees that aren’t sprayed) grower, and she was very honest with me when she said her trees are not organic because apparently in Texas, there is one type of parasitic moss-type fungus that gets on the trees if they aren’t sprayed, as well as aphids and a host of other organisms.

What *exactly* is my husband bringing into the house, besides just a Christmas tree?

Fair enough, but I don’t want them in my house. To be fair, no conclusive evidence exists (by that I mean peer reviewed articles or studies), that I can find (if you have one please let me know), that links health issues in people to their Christmas trees or that shows that Christmas trees are making people sick. However, if I can reduce the amount of exposure to these chemicals, why not? I mean these substances are certainly not good for us, so why have them around? If I’m trying to reduce my indoor pollutants, this is worth investigating, in my opinion. Plus, chemical-free trees are more than likely better for the environment as well, because less toxic runoff ends up in our streams and rivers.

After calling farm after farm, I found a place that claims that they don’t spray their trees. For all I know, she could be lying through her teeth, but hey, a claim of organic trees is the furthest I had managed to get all day. She said their trees weren’t sprayed and the most expensive one on the lot was $70. I planned to head out to the farm, which is located about 30-45 minutes away, the following day. My husband, however, wasn’t as on board with this plan as I was (which is about normal in our household) so we waited a week. By the time the next week rolled around, they had sold out for the season. So, that is the plan for next year 🙂

For the record, my husband made serious fun of me for calling all over hell’s half acre and asking for organic trees. The way I look at it is that if we don’t call and ask, the growers won’t know there’s a demand (erm- at least a one person demand) for chemical-free trees.

Merry Christmas, y’all!

I’m still new at WordPress you guys…

I have a little story for you guys.

I hopped onto the dashboard of the blog to write a post about my saga in creating my own super-simple-yet-effective-much-healthier-for-you-than-commercial deodorant. Instead what I found was a Workout Wednesday that I wrote, obviously at the end of the day Wednesday, that I swore I published. Turns out, I somehow pushed buttons and did magical things to make the post publish on a schedule, but then I also made it private or something… I’m not even sure.

So, that’s what happened to my latest workout post. To sum up, I ran a lot and I walked a lot and it was awesome. I promise there will be a better one this week, and on Friday I’ll publish my deodorant post.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Creating a Healthy Body: Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday is one of the weekly features I set up on the other page. I would like to continue doing it here because it goes with the theme of making everything around me healthy.

Basically, I do not have a strong history when it comes to keeping up with my fitness goals. My usual routine is that I come home, play with the dog, then I sit on my butt and do homework, or type out a paper, or edit somebody’s blog entry (by the way, I’m a blog editor as well). However, I know that I need to lose somewhere on the order of about 80+ overall pounds, and I know that in order to make that happen I have to put down the fork and stand up. Then I need to do something active once I stand up.

I need to take it in small increments and set small goals that all lead up to the bigger overall goal. I’m perfectly aware of the fact that I’m headed straight to a pre-diabetic situation, heart disease, and generally not being able to sustain a healthy pregnancy like this at all. I would like this to change fairly quickly.

Plus, it doesn’t help that I’m in a friend’s wedding in March, and when I went to try the dress on the other day… yeah. It was NOT good. Basically, if I show up at her wedding like this I will definitely be *that* bridesmaid. You know the one I’m talking about. The one where everybody whispers “wow, [bride] did an awesome job picking out the dresses, but that poor girl.” Let’s face it, sometimes the threat of public humiliation is exactly what a person needs sometimes to get their butts into gear.

One of the weight loss strategies I read was that if a person makes their intentions public, they will be more likely to stick to their goals. I want to do this properly, not utilizing diet pills or anything like that. I would like to prove that with hard work, dedication, and eating in moderation (come on, it’s not like I’m not going to never eat a cookie or brownie again) that a person can actually fulfill their weight loss goals.

As I go I will post update pictures, techniques I’m trying, and overall things I’m doing to make this happen, along with being perfectly honest and posting my roadblocks along the way. Wish me luck!

Starting weight: I will post this once I get to my main goal

Pounds lost to date: 0

Starting measurements: I will post this once I get to my main goal

If anybody has any tips, tricks, weight loss gadgets, or even healthy recipes they would like me to try, please email them to me at letscallitcrispy at yahoo dot com or leave a comment below.

Hello! Welcome to Let’s Call It Crispy.

Hello everyone and welcome to Let’s Call It Crispy! Please, allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Andrea, a newlywed twenty-something from the great state of Texas. My husband and I got married this past December (2010) just shy of 5 years of dating, just bought a house, and are working on the baby thing.

Somewhere over the course of baby research (you know, the pre-conception appointment with the doctor, charting and figuring all that out, pre-natal vitamins and when to start taking them, etc.), I learned about cloth diapers. I believe it was one of the mamas on a message board that brought the topic up. Intrigued, I started researching this concept of modern cloth diapering. In the midst of all of that it occurred to me that the choices I am making now will not only impact my body, but it will also likely impact my child and our planet.

This new way of thinking, I decided, is not limited to what sort of product we place on our child’s bum. This is more than that- the food we eat and how we eat it, the cleaning products we use and how we use them, even the things that we put on our skin and how long we leave it there all matter in our daily lives and influence the overall quality of our immediate environment. We started thinking about the values we want our children to grow up with, and one thing that is super important to the both of us is that the kids have a profound respect and understanding of how the choices they make impact the Earth. We want them to make informed decisions, eat local foods that are in season as much as feasibly possible, and make responsible choices themselves. Then we realized that we weren’t going to be able to teach them these things if we didn’t fully understand and participate ourselves.

A project that started with our desire to cloth diaper our child has lead to this entire lifestyle change- to a more “crunchy” way of life. The thing is, I personally cannot STAND the word crunchy. Crunchy conjures up an image to  of a person that hasn’t showered in weeks and probably smells like B.O. and has super nasty hair. Think hasn’t showered in days hippie from the 1960s/1970s. Therefore, I’m choosing to look at it as more a crispy way of living. (Note: this does not mean that I look at people who view themselves crunchy that way, I just cannot stand the word.)

Follow along as my husband and I share our brutally honest attempt to make ourselves healthy (by losing weight, eating the right food, etc.), our home healthy by using eco- and person- friendly products, and a healthy baby. I mean let’s face it, Kermit was right- it’s not always easy being green.

Just do me a favor… let’s call it crispy (not crunchy) OK?