Fitness Friday

I skipped last Friday because I was in a wedding that day, and we were swamped all day with wedding stuff! It was fun, but it didn’t leave me any time at all to blog. So this FF is for two weeks.


Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels. Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels. Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

As long as I keep repeating this to myself, I’m fine. The reality I’m dealing with is that I can’t stand the taste of veggies (I’m not kidding… this is complete with gagging and throwing up in some cases. Dramatic, I know, but it’s the God’s honest truth) and I love sugar (like most people do). I’m doing all I can to train myself to eat better food, but this is way more challenging than I thought it would be. One challenge that I’m facing is that as a Catholic, we really aren’t supposed to eat meat other than fish or other types of seafood on Fridays during lent, but finding good, reliable fish around here right now is difficult. However, I need the protein because I’m working out so much. This tradition normally gets ignored, and I eat chicken.

One other challenge I’m facing is that I discovered that I’m not eating enough calories in a day. Furthermore, I’m not eating enough of the RIGHT calories in a day. IF I get the right amount, that’s great, but it’s not great if the right amount is coming from cookies and brownies.

I’m trying to overcome the vegetable thing. I have managed to get myself to the point where if the vegetable is chopped up into super small pieces and mixed into whatever I’m eating, it usually goes down better. This includes salads- if the broccoli is left in big chunks, I can’t eat it. If it’s really small though and mixed with the spinach (that I love), it goes much better. I’m great on fruits though because of the sugar, so I actually need to scale back on those. I still love the green smoothies, although I have discovered that without banana, it tastes much more vegetable-like.

So, I need to work on eating the right amount of the right food. Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.


Amazingly, I’m doing awesome with fitness. Due to the medical problems I have (thanks in large part to being fat), I really thought this was going to be an issue. I figured out though that the less I move, the harder it is to move. So if I can get up and immediately go eat breakfast then work out, I set myself up for a day of movement. However, if I’m lazy that day and don’t move, it’s harder to do so later. I’m trying to change my morning habit so I can get into a routine.

One of the ways I’m accomplishing this is to consult my at home strength training flashcard deck. I know there’s a snazzier name for them, but for now, they’re my flashcards. The idea for these came about as a direct result of me being bored with doing the same workouts for days, and having too many workout at home bookmarks on my computer. So, I decided to print out all of the articles.

This isn’t even all of them, actually. They come from a wide variety of sources, from blogs to magazine articles, to random pieces of advice given to me. Anyway, I cut all the workouts out from the printed versions of the articles, and taped them to a large index card.

I put the body part (or parts) that each exercise focuses on, the source of the article, general instructions in terms of reps and sets, a picture from the article if available, and the instructions for each exercise from the article.

I feel that working out while consulting a card is way more efficient and less cumbersome than trying to maneuver my computer into place so I can read the screen while trying to do these. I included the body areas targeted by each workout (remember, the more large muscle groups worked at once, the better), the source of the article (many came from Prevention or Self), and instructions in terms of sets and reps. I cut out a picture of the exercise being performed and the exercise instructions from the articles themselves.

Once this was done, I ended up with a stack of about 130 cards with one exercise on each one. I have about an hour set aside each day, and I simply select two or three cards to do that day in addition to my 100 push ups challenge and cardio.

Now, I’m not delusional. I know that these alone aren’t going to get the job done by themselves, and that’s ok. My goal with these is simply to get up and do something, which sets me up for an entire day of healthy movement. I look at them as a warm-up to my day. An hour of these with a good stretch afterward really works well for me. I always add my walk/jog with the dog at the end of the day and I do the challenges from my Leap Into Summer group as well.

Goals for Next Week

I am going to take my measurements again and get on the scale. I have been a little weary of the scale since my four pounds incident, but I think I have done well enough now for some weight to have come off. In terms of diet, my goal is still to eat the right amount of the right calories of mostly veggies, healthy carbs, and protein.

Another goal for next week is to not drink any soda. None. I HAVE to drink more water, and the only way that’s happening around here is if the soda isn’t even a choice and water is.

I would also like to really keep a great log of my 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge points next week as well.

Have a Fitness Friday blog post? Head over to the Fatty Friday post at Going Crazy, Wanna Go?! link up with us! 


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  1. clarindaolenslager

    Good Job!!! Sound like you are doing great.
    Some tips: Use honey when you have sugar cravings-won’t get into the why but that is what I learned on my diet. It helps. Also eat more protein. Also for the soda thing, mix sparkling water with cold 100% pure fruit juice. I love it that way.

    • Thank you so much! I’ll have to look into the sparkling water and fruit juice thing. I’m thinking watermelon and pineapple juice would be great and I can get it directly from the fruit.

  2. The whole gagging thing with veg… it sounds a LOT like my grandson… he has some ‘sensory’ issues (we thought he was being a bratty, picky eater!)… it’s a texture and / or smell thing… He gags, pukes, the whole works. Scared the pee pee right out of the lunch ladies… =)
    Have you always been like that with only certain things while others are fine? Random, no logic to why?
    Just a thought…
    Keep Going!!!! =)

    • Well, I have always had an extremely sensitive sense of smell, and I have read that taste and smell are linked. I’m also very sensitive to certain artificial sweeteners (I cannot STAND diet sodas at all), and if oatmeal or pork is being prepared in my immediate vicinity I have to leave. I’m not sure what the deal is but it’s annoying. I’m trying so hard though to overcome it!

  3. sounds great – love accountability posts 🙂 I’m doing P90X and eating enough calories is a pretty big deal 🙂

  4. I don’t know if I could kick the soda habit. I swear it’s the only thing that keeps me awake during the day. Good luck to you!

  5. Love the flash card idea! Keep up the great work!

  6. Love your mantra! I am going to have to start saying that to myself!

  7. I can totally relate with absolutely hating the taste of most vegetables, and I’m a big sugar junkie too. While I’m not overweight only thanks to my god-given genes, I am approaching the big 3-0 and know I need to start getting in shape before it all catches up with me! I love your flashcard idea, thanks for sharing! Stop by and visit me at when you have a chance. Keep up the great work!


  8. Will you be my fitness buddy? This article is fantastic!!!!

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