Four Pounds

This blog is about sharing my successes AND struggles in getting healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Well, here’s a struggle for you all:

I gained four pounds. I know I shouldn’t be surprised after that horrific week I had, but I GAINED FOUR POUNDS. Well, at least my scale says I did. I’m not quite sure if it’s the sodium and I’m retaining water really bad, or if I really have gained four pounds, or what.

Are there any tips out there on maintaining a consistent workout schedule? I’m asking because apparently that’s my biggest problem. I’m great for one or two days, then one bad day happens and I can’t seem to recover from it quickly and just jump back into my normal routine.

There is NO room to mess around this week. I *must* keep right on track with my points in the  Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge (<— this is the name of the program. I swear I’m not making random capitalization errors). I walked all day today (I have a friend in town so we went sight seeing) and managed to skip the fried onion appetizer at dinner. Green smoothie tomorrow for breakfast I guess and we’re grilling chicken for dinner tomorrow with some sort of quinoa and veggie based salad. I was going to add more workouts, but honestly I think I need to work on getting the nutrition down to a science first and then slowly add more workout routines. Walking/jogging with the dog for several miles every day, and the 100 push ups challenge will have to suffice for now. After all, no amount of exercise will compensate for a bad diet.

I’m also buying new shoes tomorrow. Mine are starting to actually cut (literally) my feet and that’s just not going to work for me.


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  1. Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear that!! We didn’t go weigh in this week because it’s an hour drive and we were “bad” over the weekend and it was raining…excuses, I know!! I never did even post my Fatty Friday. 😦

    As far as a workout schedule, I need one as well!! I feel like there is no time between work and then home, dinner, bath, bed, blog…ugh!! Too bad I can’t blog and exercise at the same time…

    Just keep at it and we’re here for ya!!

  2. I have a large glass of water each morning with half a lemon squeezed into it. At night I have half a pink grapefruit and I love it. I don’t go out as much to it, and if I do I go to the one vegetarian restaurant that I love. When I shop for good food, I buy spinach,sweet potatoes, garlic,tomatoes,onions, watermelon, kiwi,and apples. I make my own bread or by spelt. I eat chicken,fish or eggs. I stay away from red meat. I’m continually working on improving my diet, as that is where I fall down. I have a gazelle to use when I don’t like the weather. I am a work in progress and I aim to get healthier. Good luck!

  3. I think it’s hard to give tips on how to schedule. I just know for myself it has to be a priority. This week was March break and I had all 4 kids home, my husband was working crazy hours, the only time I had to work out was at night when they were in bed. So that is what I did. It was hard but I pushed myself to do it. I felt great afterwards. It think just trying to get it in, even in 10 minute spurts of that is all you have time for, will benefit you in the end. I know for me once I started it became a habit, so try and be consistent and you will see results. You can do it!

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