My Goals for 2012

I didn’t make one large, overall resolution this year. I find that making one huge resolution, and resolving to do whatever it is (give up fast food completely, not drink ANY soda, lose 100 pounds, etc.) sets me up for a colossal failure that makes me feel like crap for not being able to follow through.

So this year, I’m going to set a few smaller, specific goals to complete throughout the year. They are:

1. I would like to finish this huge scrapbooking project I started but didn’t finish. See, a few months ago (ok, lots of months ago) I was going to add pictures to my photo albums and set out to find the photo album pages. You know, those magnetic ones that have the sticky pages that you attach the photos to and put that clear layer of plastic over it? Yeah, they don’t make those anymore. I looked everywhere. I ended up at Hobby Lobby and realized the best thing for me to do would be to just get with the times and make an actual scrapbook. So, I purchased a scrapbook, some of those scrapbook papers, photo corners (so that I wouldn’t have to glue anything to paper), and extra scrapbook pages and set to work. It is sitting in my living room, and I haven’t finished it. My goal is to get this project completely finished and out of the living room.

2. Back in December, I agreed to be the online chair for a local Relay for Life group. My goal is to do that job well, get everything done on-time and correctly, and help the committee put on a fabulous event in April.

3. I have a cousin, a brother-in-law, and a step-sister-in-law all graduating from high school in a few months and all three of them are going off to college. I was asked to write a guide to college life for my cousin, and I wanted to make copies for my brother and step-sister as well. My goal is to get their guide to college life finished BEFORE they graduate. Speaking of, if any of you guys have hints, tips, or advice that you would have liked somebody to have given you before you started college, please feel free to share! You can comment, Facebook, or email.

4. My mother-in-law gave me the most beautiful Singer sewing machine from 1948 a few weeks ago. I would LOVE to take it apart, clean and restore it, and then use it to actually make something. My goal is to get this project completed and this machine restored.

5. My dad died suddenly back in January of 2010, without leaving a will of any sort. It has been two years of heartache, drama, probate courts, and trying to account for all of his things and get an estate settled. My goal is to finally finish up his estate (which seems to just get more complicated by the day), and hopefully do an ash-spreading thing for his birthday this August.

6. Of course, I need to lose weight. I am not going to set a goal of how much, but being a healthier person is a goal of mine. 

7. I would love, love, love to take this blog to new heights! I would love to do some super awesome reviews, bring back my workout Wednesday section, post some hints and tips on green cleaning, and do all kinds of other things. My goal is to get to a certain amount of Facebook and blog followers.

8. Lastly, I need to forgive. I need to try hard to not hold grudges and let things go… nobody is perfect all the time, and this last year has made me realize that if I don’t learn to forgive people, I’m going to be angry and negative all the time. My goal is to remember that people aren’t perfect, I’m not perfect, and it’s ok to forgive others as well as forgive myself.

Of course, we’re going to continue to TTC, but I don’t want to make a baby a goal because I know that will just layer the pressure on. It’ll happen when it happens. What are your goals for 2012?


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  1. I’m with you on getting healthier. I’ve been trying to lose more weight but keep it as a lifestyle. There are lots of new things out there to learn about healthy living and I’m trying to find it everyday!
    Great blog and a new follower!

  2. That is a very good idea to make small ones. I never seem to keep mine but maybe if I took your advice it would be easier:)

  3. Wow, you have a lot to accomplish, but they all sound like great goals! Good luck & I’d love to hear updates as you go 🙂

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