Monthly Archives: November 2011

I’m still new at WordPress you guys…

I have a little story for you guys.

I hopped onto the dashboard of the blog to write a post about my saga in creating my own super-simple-yet-effective-much-healthier-for-you-than-commercial deodorant. Instead what I found was a Workout Wednesday that I wrote, obviously at the end of the day Wednesday, that I swore I published. Turns out, I somehow pushed buttons and did magical things to make the post publish on a schedule, but then I also made it private or something… I’m not even sure.

So, that’s what happened to my latest workout post. To sum up, I ran a lot and I walked a lot and it was awesome. I promise there will be a better one this week, and on Friday I’ll publish my deodorant post.

I hope everyone has a great week!